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Lawson, Paul

To my brothers of the International Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta,

          The Iota Sigma Colony has been at Indiana State University for just over one and a half years. We are currently bringing in men for our Zeta class to add to our current brotherhood of 47 undergraduates and graduates. During our time at ISU we have always been near the top in scholarship, both by semester and in cumulative grades, when compared to the thirteen other fraternities. Inevitably, we have had bumps along the way and work tirelessly every day in our studies. Our current cumulative GPA is a 3.14, the second highest among fraternities. Scholarship is a focal point for us, requiring all brothers to do study hours every week, no matter their GPA. Tutoring and help with coursework between brothers is a common occurrence.

          Lambda Chi Alpha joined ISU this semester, making it now fourteen total fraternities, and with the recruitment of this semester we are now at the fifth largest fraternity among those fourteen. We recruit year long, creating large lists of potential men and setting standards of the quality that we require in our membership. This quality leads to our brothers being natural leaders on our campus and are involved in many various aspects of the community. Our brotherhood is a strong aspect of our fraternity, one that receives great comments from those outside the membership. We can regularly be seen around campus and the community with each other and integrate our brotherhood into our daily lives, which leads to brotherly bonds which are not based solely on planned events.

          Among the activities we do as brothers, service is highly regarded. Our brothers are regularly doing service around the community or raising money for philanthropies helping make where we live an even better place. We are currently over 2,000 hours of service since our colonization, making that over 1,000 hours a year. We strive every day to uphold our values of Phi Gamma Delta and be the gentlemen fraternity at ISU. I have been president of this great fraternity for close to a year, and some amazing achievements and growth have happened during that year. This is thanks to the high valued men I call my brothers, who work every day to make themselves, their community, and their fraternity better.

Paul Lawson, President
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