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As a colony of Phi Gamma Delta, we focus on the fraternal priorities of scholarship, fraternity, self.
Scholarship is our number one priority.


Iota Sigma Scholarship Policy

Colony semester GPA
 • With a cumulative GPA of 2.887 for the Spring 2012 semester, Iota Sigma was ranked 3rd of 14 fraternities on campus. As you can see below, we were 9th of 24 Greek organizations - ranking the colony above the all campus undergraduate average, IFC average, all male undergraduate average, and campus fraternity average.

There have been a total of 8 brothers who have received the AAA scholarship.

 • 19 brothers have completed SLII Training.
 • 1 brother has attended the IHQ Leadership Conference.
 • 1 brother has attended a Future Quest leadership training program

Programs and awards to promote scholastic success
 • Study tables - Monday & Thursdays, 5pm-9pm, same reserved classroom weekly.
 • Brothers provide tutoring to other brothers in need.
 • 3.0 GPA Dinner
 • White Star Scholarship Banquet
       Endowed scholarship at ISU Foundation
       Open campus application (men and women)
       Retired Associate Dean of Students Don Mighell (Texas 1956, Rose Hulman 2000), guest speaker
 • "Knowledge" award at Pig Dinner
      • Voted on by all initiated brothers prior to Pig Dinner.

Study Hour Tracking
Below is an example of our study hour tracking document.


Scholarship Program
Click the image below to view our scholarship program.


Brother Tutoring Resources
Click the link above for intra-colony tutoring resources.


Campus-wide Greek Semester Grade Reports

Spring 2011

Fall 2011

Spring 2012