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  • Budgets have been developed and in place since the Fall 2011 semester.
  • Graduate financial advisor, Tom Barlow (Indiana State '88) is an accountant.
    • Meets with the colony treasurer monthly or more often as needed.
    • Reports on colony finances at each BCA meeting.
  • Colony-owned laptop is used only for financial record keeping.
  • All Form H and other financial forms filed with Headquarters and key graduates monthly.
  • Procedures developed for collections of member accounts 30, 60, and 90 days past due.
  • Semester dues owed by brothers are collected online via Legacy Financial. They can be paid by debit/credit card, check, or cash.
  • Brothers failing to pay dues face collections by the treasurer. If that is unsuccessful, Legacy Financial sends them to collections.
  • Brothers have raised funds multiple ways, including raffling off donated ISU & Fiji items at Pig Dinner and working at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.
  • Our colony currently has a zero balance with IHQ.

Sources of Income:

Dues - $22,085.00
Fundraising - $2,963.25
Donations - $989.61


Colony Expenses:

Committee Expenses - $13,668.61
Ekklesia - $3,235.33
Insurance - $1,837.50
Legacy Financial - $1,196.38
Badges & Pins- $707.20
State Day - $432.00
IFC Dues - $253.00
IHQ - $149.02


Brothers working at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis met Tony Dungy.